As long as I can remember I've had an obsession with music. Whenever I would listen to a song I would always be picking out certain parts - the piano in the background or a certain drum fill. This lead to my passion of recording and producing.

While I am primarily self taught in music production, I attended the online extension of Berklee College of Music from 2010-2013, receiving my Music Production using Pro Tools Master's Certificate. During this time, I also received certification in Pro Tools 101, 110, as well as my Pro Tools 10 and 12 user certification.

music production

I've recorded numerous artists from various genres ranging from hip hop and metal to acoustic and pop punk. When an artist comes into my studio I don't just record them and call it a day, but instead I take my time and help them with songwriting and producing in order to bring their ideas to life.


A benefit of knowing how to record and produce means that whenever I have a melody or a song idea in my head, I can quickly record them to have for later. Being able to work on a song whenever I want enables me to be creative in ways that most people can't - and with today's technology I can easily go from creating a simple acoustic song to writing a complex film score with an 80 piece orchestra.



Another passion of mine is recording and creating audio for video and film. I’ve worked in all aspects regarding sound for video, ranging from boom operator and sound mixer, to FOH engineer. Currently, I’m working on a project titled “Brewer’s Sessions” which is a series of intimate live concerts featuring local area musicians.